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Blue Slip Winery is the first winery in Tennessee to offer custom winemaking services.  Whether you are an independent grower interested in having a farm winery or an individual with the desire to create your own wines, we can get you from the farm to the bottle!

Once your fruit arrives, we will establish a plan specific to your desires.  You will have an account which you may access from any computer or smartphone to watch your wine’s activity.  You will work on your wine using our equipment and be on site as often you would like.  We have a variety of barrels to offer and can offer advice at any time.

Blue Slip can arrange the label design, bottling, and brand registration of your wines. There is little work to be done by the Custom Crush Client, as the winery is responsible for all production, reports, records, labeling, and taxes.

For more information, please contact Katie@blueslip.com

Current Participants:

Spout Spring Estates Vineyard and Farm Winery

Richland Vineyards and Wine Cellar

Pleasant Hill Vineyards

Mountain Mist Farms

St45454_483965412677_2405217_norybrook Farm Bed and Breakfast

Stillwater Farms





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