Our Wines Made From Local Grapes and Fruit are handcrafted on-site in our urban winery. Blue Slip Winery brings the farmer to the City. Our homegrown and handcrafted wines are made from Tennessee grapes and fruit. All wines are processed, bottled and sold on-site.


 Red Wines

Chambourcin – A wonderful medium bodied red, Aged for 18 months in the barrel. $15.95

Syrah – Grown from Grainger Co. grapes. Aged in American oak. A full bodied red with robust flavor. $15.95

Cynthiana – An American grape that is full bodied and reminiscent of a hearty Cabernet Sauvignon. Robust and fruit forward. $ 16.95

Touriga – A Portuguese grape whish is aged in oak and produces a dry robust red with a peppery finish. $ 15.95

Syrah – A vinifera grape which is aged in oak producing a full bodied spicy red. Grainger County grown $ 15.95

“Whup Ass Red” – Our special dry red blend that is sure to please. $ 15.95

“Big Blue” Blueberry – You’ve got to try this wine. Not too sweet. Just right. $16.95

Old City Red – A blend of Red Steuben and Concord. One of our best sellers. $ 11.95

Red Muscadine – A Southern tradition. Semi-sweet, fruity and unique. $11.95

River City Red – A favorite for those who prefer a sweet, fruity wine. Good for sipping or as an after dinner treat. $11.95

Blush Muscadine – Just like the white with a little more pizazz. $11.95

Rocky Top Blush – A delightful blend of Cayuga and Steuben. Starts out sweet and finishes fast. Already a local favorite.

 White Wines

Pot Blanc – An award winning dry white wine. A blend of Vidal Blanc, Cayuga White and Golden Muscat. $11.95

Vidal Blanc – A delightful dry and buttery white wine. Made from Grainger Co. Grapes. $12.95

Cayuga White – Similar to a Sauvignon Blanc. Crisp, tart and fresh. $11.95

Chardonnay – A full bodied wine made from Grainger County grown grapes.

“LeConte Rose” – Our Chardonnay with a hint of fresh strawberry. Dry. $ 15.95

Golden Muscat – A popular full bodied wine with just a hint of sweetness. $11.95

White Steuben – A semi-sweet wine with just a touch of color. $11.95

Dogwood White – Made from Niagra grapes, Grainger Co. grown. Slightly sweet and crisp. $ 12.95

Smokey Mtn. Apple – An Apple Blueberry blend. $10.95

White Muscadine – A southern treat. It smells and tastes just like the fruit, and it won a silver award to boot. $11.95

 Fruit Wines

Big Blue (blueberry)

Blackberry – It’s here! Come see what you think.

Strawberry – It’s here but it’s going fast!

Peach – Just peachy…

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