WVLT: Blue Slip Winery pouring new life into Southern Railway Station

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – The Southern Railway Station is now home to Blue Slip Winery.

The winery relocated production and the tasting room to the station, located on Depot Avenue, a few weeks ago.

“The response has been overwhelming. I have people who want to come see the building, or interested in railroad history,” said Linn Slocum, President of Blue Slip Winery. “This is a tourist attraction for not only the winery but history of the train station.”

Slocum said they are also excited to be part of a movement to revitalize the area around Depot Avenue.

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WBIR: Development near downtown paying off for new businesses

(WBIR-Knoxville) Development near Downtown Knoxville is bringing more traffic to the area.

It has been six months since at least two new businesses opened near the Old City.

“Little by little I see things moving in the north from here,” said Linn Slocum, owner of Blue Slip Winery.

Blue Slip Winery moved into the historic Southern Railway Station on Depot Avenue less than three weeks ago. After buying the building in May, with the help of Kreative Events, Southern Railway Station has transformed into an event venue and winery.

“Just looked at this building for a number of years and thought that it really was a special building for our community and thought about how nice it would be to see life back here,” Slocum said.

New life is popping up all around Depot Ave.

“A lot more development. Gosh, the Crossfit just came in within the last six months,” said William Finney, who works at The Public House on Magnolia Ave.

Rocky Top Crossfit opened in May at 309 N. Central St.

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WATE: Knoxville winery opens in Southern Railway Station

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Knoxville’s only winery moved into a new, much bigger space this week. Blue Slip Winery is now inside the old Southern Railway Station on Depot Street, little more than a block from its original spot in the Old City.

The newly renovated 1903 building also has two ballrooms available for events and the Old Smokey Railway Museum out back.

“It’s ironic how people find this building,” said owner Linn Slocum.
Helping old customers and new find them in their more out-of-the-way location may be a bit of a challenge, but Slocum believes she’s ahead of the curve.

“The city is moving in this direction and we just think this property makes sense to bridge the gap,” she said.
Other business owners nearby are glad to see more investment here.

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Josh Flory: Blue Slip Winery plans to buy railway building

Another old railway building is being converted to a new use, as one of Knoxville’s in-between neighborhoods continues to be reshaped.

The owners of Blue Slip Winery, currently located on Jackson Avenue in the Old City, are planning to buy the former Southern Railway Station, at 300 W. Depot Ave.

Linn Slocum, the winery’s co-owner, said they have the building under contract and will be moving over the next several months.

“We make wine for a number of farm wineries now,” she said. “And where we’re located, it’s hard for us to get deliveries. At the new station we have more space. We have parking on-site, and we have the opportunity to have events.”

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